Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Machakos County Takes Major Steps in Promoting Quail Farming

Below is a post by Larry Wambua who attended a Quail Farmers Conference at Machakos County:

Just finished the quail farming workshop at Garden Hotel, Machakos.
The attendance was impressive, with over 150 people in attendance. There were presentations by the task force on quail farming, KWS, the National Director of Livestock Production and KARI Katumani.

After sharing information with the participants, it was agreed among many others as follows;
a) Machakos County Quail Farmers Association was Formed.
b) KWS will immediately appoint a County Licensing Officer for Machakos.
c) The Director of Marketing in the Ministry of Agriculture will immediately
set up structures to market quail products from the County. He will also
set up a County butchery for quails and chicken.
d) There will be an information desk on quails in the Ministry headquarters.
e) The next meeting will be next month.
f) The Ministry will henceforth regulate and set standards for the industry in the county for the good of all.

We look forward to exciting times ahead, friends.

This is the kind of organization and support we are looking forward to seeing from stake holders in Agri-business. Kudos Machakos County.