Thursday, 25 August 2016

Good News for Chicken Farmers As Governor Lusaka Opens Sh40m Chicken Slaughterhouse In Chwele, Bongoma

Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka commissioned a Sh40 million chicken slaughterhouse on Tuesday at Chwele, Kabuchai constituency.

Lusaka said that the factory will employ more 700 youths, women and elderly persons. He asked locals to rear more fowls in order to eradicate poverty.

"This factory will handle more than 3,000 birds per day," he said, adding that he mooted the idea while serving as Livestock PS.

The factory will be run by Kuku Bora chicken dealers, who operate and distribute chicken meat countrywide.

He said the meat will be packed in different weights and different parts of the chicken sold to hotels, schools, hospitals, county governments and residents.

Lusaka said the county government put Sh25million to the project - land and construction; while the national government pumped Sh15million.

"The roads leading to the factory will be tarmacked to ease transportation of chicken," he said, adding that the abattoir has been built to halal standards.

"This is where we will use the non-carcinogenic wheelbarrows that had Kenyans talking. We will also use hooks that don't contaminate the meat," Lusaka said.

The meat will be exported to Uganda, as well as sold locally with the supplies sourced locally and from across the country.

Lusaka warned residents against stealing their neighbour's fowls just because a market has been created.

Bungoma CEC for industrialisation Patrick Kooi said that the factory will focus on slaughtering local chickens.